San Martin de los Andes

Experiencing urban life in San Martin de los Andes is an admirable opportunity. Mountain village located on the shores of Lake Lacar that offers a number of emotions for each lifestyle:

Primavera en San Martin de los AndesIn Spring and Autumn, a flourishing and picturesque dream landscape that adorn streets, trails and forests. Aromatizing the pure and fresh air that we breathe in this beautiful place. Ideal seasons for the exaltation of all the senses. Own writers, poets and painters.

The Summer is ideal to enjoy its enchanting beaches under the radiant sun and blue waters. Ideal for sport fishing activities, kayaking, rafting, diving, trekking, canopy and horseback riding.

The Winter, long awaited by many snow sports enthusiasts, offers the opportunity to expose all that adrenaline to the extreme with skiing and snowboarding at Cerro Chapelco.

gastronomiaAnd of course, a visit to the Lanín National Park to appreciate the volcano, is always rejoicing.

The commercial center shows off its gastronomy in its prestigious restaurants, as well as the exquisite taste of chocolate in its famous colonial establishments.

In its nocturnal life we ​​can walk calmly through its streets, like in few cities of the world, delight us with its different musical genres in restó, pubs and bars; or simply park in their well-kept squares to see and hear their different folkloric manifestations of their holidays and Sunday nights..

San Martin de los Andes, is without a doubt, a destination to enjoy, admire, remember and return.